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TVL Manufacturing has a range of CNC wire bending, laser cutting, sheet metal folding, tube bending and specialist welding which enables the in-house manufacturing of our entire vehicle security product range. All of these capabilities are housed in one location allowing fast and seamless assembly when multiple machines and production techniques are required.

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When you choose us, you get:

CNC Wire Bending

Laser Cutting

Reverse Engineering

Sheet Metal Folding

Tube Bending

Specialist Welding

and much more, allunder one roof. Which means you also get fast and seamless assembly on even themost complex of jobs - guaranteed.

Our expertise, your peace of mind.

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Our in-house lasercutting means complex profiles are no problem. You’ll get incredible accuracy,an unbeatable turnaround, plus:

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Superior Edge Finishing

Intricate Detailing, Etching & Marking

Complex Shapes Without The Need For Fooling

Meanwhile, our state-of-the-artwire manufacturing capability guarantees peerless product choice for 2D and 3D productsincluding:

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Bent Wire Components

Wire Formed Shapes


And that’s not all- we offer more than you might imagine. Just take a look:

CADdrawing facilities

Design development and prototyping

Reverse Engineering

eg. creating DXF files from a dwg, pdf, drawing, cardboard cutout or sample

Tool Room Facilities

CNC 4 Axis Mill

CNC 3D wire bending (3mm up to 10mm wire)

CNC Laser cutting (3000 x 1500mm) 25mm steel, 5mm aluminium)

Sheet metal folding (up to 3000mm)

Ring Rolling & Section Rolling

Tube Bending

Specialised welding (Mig & Tig)

CNC Spot welding

De Burring

Just tell us what you need

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TVL Group

We are part of TVL group, a collection of companies sharingour knowledge and expertise to give us a
market-leading edge like no other.

Working together, pooling our talents, we’ve built thebiggest range of bespoke security products available. Our goal is simple: togive you peace of mind and unrivalled choice.